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Byron Bay Wedding Venues

Whether you are looking for resort style venue or a farm yard these images of Byron Bay Wedding spots provide a good range to start with.

Most of the Byron Bay wedding venues are equipped to handle wet weather so if you are thinking of a beach wedding consider this. Beach weddings are at the mercy of the weather. Whatever option you go with, you must have a plan B that is good for the audience and also photogenic.

Too many times the ceremony has ended up on a veranda. The guests can’t see or hear much and the photographer can’t move around. The background is rarely ideal and what should have been a fabulous photo shoot isn’t.

Wedding Party Accommodation

If you have a small wedding or only need to accommodate a few guests then some of the Byron Bay wedding spots provide beds in addition to somewhere for the bride to prepare. I can give you a few clues on what is what and a good link to facts and figures is Byron Bay Weddings who are agents for many of the local venues.

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