Vernon + Melessa | Maleny Manor - Wedding Images
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Very Close to Heaven

Melessa sure did her homework when it came to the perfect wedding and reception venue. Maleny is renowned for its hilltop scenery and the Manor takes full advantage of its perch on the hillside. The buildings and grounds are a credit to the designers. Purpose built without any doubt for weddings, celebrations and accommodation in style.

Vernon was like a duck out of water pre-ceremony. The suit and tie had him in a bit of a tizz but nothing a cold ale couldn’t fix. After some action shots with his family and bestie, everything calmed down and Vernon was ready to rock and roll and go meet the wedding guests.

Meanwhile, Melessa had everything under control. The hair, makeup, dresses, bouquets etc. fell into place like the whole operation had been rehearsed many times over. This wedding was going to be on time.

Lola, their cute little daughter stole the show of course and had everyone’s attention as soon as she walked up the aisle. That is until Melessa arrived. Stunning classic bride to say the least.

With the ceremony, the congratulations and the cuddles over, we did not have to walk far to find many photogenic settings for these romantic shots. So bridal.