Forever, together and to bring much joy to all they touch

Joe + Sherrie | Watsons Bay
About This Project

Destination Wedding Photographer


It is a very special day when you get to shine the lens on your son, the groom.


After travelling around the world together, renovating a unit and setting up home on the Southern beaches and working full time, it was a wonder these two had time to slip a ring on the 4th finger.


Small weddings are the best and this was the best of the best. Joe is a very generous, gracious and thoughtful guy. Joe and Sherrie managed to pull it all together at the 13th hour and somehow everything just fell into place as if it had been planned for years.


A few last minute nerves for bride and groom but it was all forgotton when they reunited at the ‘alter’. A few tears, loads of cuddles and lots of laughs saw Joe and his gorgeous Sherrie say ‘I DO’ and it was time to let the party begin back at the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel.


Then as the sun dropped low in the skyit was time to soak up the last rays of the day and snap a few beauties.


But all good shoots come to an end and with the lure of friends and family partying without the stars of the show there is no holding back .


Heartfelt shoot with the people I love!