Odin + Karly | Lennox Point - Wedding Images
About This Project

Karly first laid on eyes on surfer dude Odin at our local gromfest…She was with her trustee bridesmaid Tess and said…Whoa…who’s that smoking babe…Can you set me up with him! Tess worked her magic and managed a meet and greet between the pair but Karly had to dash off to work so it was a little short lived.

Later that evening Odes was getting his groove on at the Lennox Pub. It was jam night and Karly had just finished her shift upstairs…She can cook right! He spotted Karly, shimmied on and over and did his best to stand up right…His pick-up line went a little like this, “Can you spot me $50 I’d like to buy you a drink!” 😊

The night was on a roll with Karly’s money of course and before it was over numbers were exchanged and a first date lined up!

They lined up to meet at Shorty’s for a few drinks the next day but not before attending Tess’s son’s birthday that they were both guests at. Unfortunately for Karly she was dressed to kill in a Sponge Bob Square pants outfit…

Thankfully the date still went ahead and quickly a second and third to follow…