So, so, so romantic!

Nick + Jess | Little Wateogs Beach - Elopement Images
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Wategos Wedding Photography

Perfect location, Perfect weather, Perfectly romantic. Fun from the very start, Nick and Jess were on a roll with a blunt determination to make every second count on this, their special day.


Little Wategos was the stage, a rock for the alter and the crashing waves for a backing opera. The bride and groom had their shoes off and into the shallows without hesitation.


Like two kids loose in a lolly shop, Nick and Jess lapped up the vibe and made it an unforgetable afternoon. These lovebirds made their own fun and just fell into the frame. The moment just kept on overflowing with lots of laughter and a few bubbles.


Even on a busy beach day, you can find a secluded corner to do your own thing and for Nick & Jess it ticked all the boxes.  Running around like they were on a school picnic Nick and Jess stole centre of attention from the handful of beachgoers lucky enough to share their church.


Warm sun, warm water, white sand and witnesses in bikinis. what more could you wish for! Bottoms up to Nick and Jess and I look forward to seeing you soon…