Justin + Julie | Little Wategos Beach - Elopement Images
About This Project

Right from the first meeting it was plain to see that these two were not going to do anything conventional.

On the way to the shoot, I was brimming with excitement anticipating what was in store.

I was not to be disappointed.  Justin and Julie had put their heads together and come up with an exotic but original theme for their special day. Thinking outside the square paid off handsomely. These dudes rock. The photos are testament to their creativeness and their attention to detail.

Once they had made their finishing touches my trigger finger went to town.

It was inevitable their paths would cross after growing up together in Mackay and going to the same school. It just so happens that Justin’s grandfather must have put in a good word for him when he was drinking with Julie’s Grandfather at the local watering hole! Gawd, he must have done a number on him!

But it wouldn’t be until 10 years post school that their worlds really collided! Just when things were starting to get interesting, Julie you took off to London for two years. Within six months Justin followes! It was during this time that they came to realise that a life without each other was not an option.

They have had some amazing times together and definitely ticked some boxes. Some highlights so far have been amazing adventure travelling thru Europe, joined at the hip and wreaking havoc along the way. In the early days you shacked up together in a crappy unit in Brissy…. but now sharing a loving home with two beloved cats Seal and Lilac.