James + Trish | Clarkes Beach | Byron Bay - Wedding Images
About This Project

It’s not very often you thank your boss especially when he inadvertently sets you up to meet the love of your life! It was afternoon drinks, the bosses shout and James found himself seated next to a gorgeous brunette. He couldn’t believe his luck but quickly learned the vivacious Trish was spoken for and all flirting and pick up lines were put on hold! Nonetheless James’ adventurous spirit and blue eyes didn’t go unnoticed!

Fast forward a few months and Trish’ dance card just happened to be empty hence James didn’t waste any time throwing his hat in the ring. J

Let’s just say it was finally the start of something beautiful, their planets were aligned and overtime so were their hearts.

They have had some amazing life changing and challenging experiences together and no doubt they’ll keep coming! Some highlights so far have been designing and building their house and lovingly making it a home. Travelling this crazy world together was another major milestone and many wonderful memories made. They’ll never forget summiting a volcano on their own and skiing back down together. They share a love of anything active and enjoy surfing, skiing, hiking, biking, swimming and cooking up a storm! Trish will tell you once had an impressive shoe collection but it’s now been replaced with more bikes and skis she knows what to do with!