Craig + Lisa | New Brighton Beach - Wedding Images
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The Gamble

Everything was pinned on the remote chance that the heavy rain forecasted didn’t fall. The clouds were gathering and the sky growing darker by the minute as preparations were being made. Tentative looks and shrugs of the shoulders didn’t really help the confidence but we ploughed on regardless.

This was a beach wedding far from any organised protection so there was a lot of hair and makeup, not to mention the new outfits to consider. The occasional rain drop hit the ground but not enough to signal a last minute change of plan.

Craig and the boys were ready early. They were excited and busting to get to the beach so a few fun shots were enough for them. They were on a mission and wild horses couldn’t rein them in.

Lisa and the girls were still doing battle with the lacing of the wedding dress. They had underestimated the complexity and were breaking into a sweat. Fortunately, mum was on hand to pull it all together. Then of course some shots bouncing on the bed and doing a tragic accident scene with one of the Kombi’s.

Under the threat of an imminent downpour the Kombi’s headed for the beach. Soon Lisa was in the arms of her man and saying her vows.

Cheers, tears and laughs later, the newlyweds were getting a year’s share cuddles and handshakes from close family and friends.

Family shots, group shots and then off down the beach for some fun shots along the beautiful New Brighton beach. Still no rain.

We headed around to Xavier Rudd’s street with the bridal party for some shots by the river then to the soccer ground to check out the graffiti.

The final picturesque location shoot prior to hitting the reception at the Ocean Shores Country Club was at Lookout Park. The fabulous views were totally clouded out as the sky was heading for a dark purple. The ambiance had a touch of urgency as those occasional rain drops were growing larger and more frequent.

Needless to say the Craig and Lisa were keen to get to the party at the Country Club.

During the short drive down the hill the temperature dropped by 10 degrees and the rain finally made an impact. Their entry was covered in loud cheers and the revellers made them feel very welcome and very warm.