Byron Bay Wedding Cakes - Mouth Watering and Yummy
Byron Bay Wedding Photographers
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Byron Bay Wedding Cakes
About This Project

Yummy Byron Bay Wedding Cakes


Being such a sweet tooth, I just drool over these shots of Byron Bay Wedding Cakes every time I look at them. It is quite frustrating looking at the outside and imagining a moist lush fruit cake inside or some new flavorsome recipe waiting to be torn apart with the bare teeth.

I would happily lick the icing off the outside when no-one is looking!

These photos are from weddings mostly around the Byron Bay Region. There were a few others that I had to toss in that also achieved my personal drool rating.



I have been thinking about rating these Byron Bay Wedding Cakes for a while. The problem is that the score would have to be based on looks only. It would be pretty unfair as the worst tasting cake could rate the highest just on looks. I just can’t justify applying ratings unless I am invited to taste test – hint, hint….!


The Icing on the Cake

The icing is like the PR statement. All gloss and glamour with some sexy colours thrown in. Of course this is the big tease for cake lovers. They fall in love with the look of the cake long before it has been cut.

Cake lovers probably sit there like me, pondering why the bride and groom wait until so late to finally stab it into being.

Then all is revealed and the truth of the matter for me is that the content play the most important role. Yes cake connoisseurs, the inside is the make or break on the madPHOTO cake rating standard.


Timing of Cake Cutting

I tell brides and grooms that the cake lovers amongst us suffer time and time again. This disappointment stems from the agonising hours hovering not too far from the uncut cake. Why not waltz into the reception and make a beeline straight for your Byron Bay wedding cake armed with large knife at the ready? This makes a lot of sense. Non-cake-lovers won’t give a toss and the religious cakies will remember your wedding forever and shower you with praise for being so thoughtful.

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