Bert + Fiona | Raes on Wategos - Elopement Images
About This Project

13 years… and what a colourful journey so far… The charismatic Italian and the sexy Dr – Perfect match! Their world’s first collided at a house party and I believe it was Love at first sight! Bert, you were instantly captivated by the gorgeous brunette and couldn’t take your eyes off her. Fiona, you love a charming, witty man and Bert had it all going on! Before the night was over, numbers were exchanged and phone lines running hot. Fiona, never one to be backward in coming forward was quick off the mark and locked in a date with one very eager Bert! Before that date was over a second one was lined up, your lips had met and both were sold!

Let’s just say it was the start of something beautiful, your planets were aligned and overtime so were their hearts.

You have had some amazing life changing and challenging experiences together and no doubt they’ll keep coming! Some highlights so far have been setting up house and lovingly making it a home, your many holiday adventures and your matching tattoos! You share a love of training, cooking, entertaining, wining and dining, crazy pool parties and can’t go past half day boozy lunches! But your both just as happy chillaxing at home in your bath robes and watching the box. As long as you are together that’s all that matters.