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Klint + Kate | Ballina Surf Club - Wedding Images
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Ballina Wedding Photos


Lots of family, lots of friends and lots of fun. No nerves, just brazen excitment as the minutes ticked by.


Kate was totally in control and must have reheased the day in her mind many times over. It all started to come undone though as the bridesmaids muddled over how to do up the complicated string affair at the rear.


Then mum stepped in and fixed it in a jiffy. Klint wasn’t phased as he had his hands full with the milling guests.


In no time at all the bride radiated her way down the aisle and it seemed to be all over in a flash !


Formalities over, bridal party armed with refreshments and fresh salt air to accelerate the senses.


Abundant choices of beautiful locations within easy reach of the reception at the new Lighthouse Beach Surf Club. Nothing like great backdrops to set the mood.  Storm clouds crept in gradually only adding to the vibe and the party atmosphere was building exponentially.


The bridal party were left behind with the esky. The bride and groom headed for some serious beach photos keeping one eye on the storm and the other trained faithfully on the lens.