Oh so romantic and so heartfelt

Brian + Sara | Ballina Lighthouse - Wedding Images
About This Project

The Ballina wedding photographer, the Groom and the wedding guests want to know where is the Bride.


Even for the Ballina wedding photographer, it seemed like an endless wait. The humidity was slowing the clock. The minutes were elongated. Brian was getting fidgety even though he is normally calm, attentive and level headed. This was way out of his comfort zone.


Sara is always so punctual. What could be holding her up. I was distracting everyone with some random shots of individuals and groups.


Finally, Sara steamed up in the little vintage T model Ford. When she disembarked we realised it was worth the wait. Classic white outfit and stunning looks to go, Sara was the classic bride. Should have been on the front cover of Vogue.


Sara and her entourage took their time so Brian was just about out of sweat bullets by the time she graced his side. He looked about as happy as could be though and very relieved to have his bride at last.


Humidity, clouds and a storm brewing .


Even though the sky was clouded over the heat was intense. For a Ballina wedding photographer the sky was ideal, but it’s days like these that everyone hopes for a short ceremony. Jacqui, the Champagne Celebrant kept it to a minimum thank goodness. Sweet. The cheers would have been heard all the way to Alstonville once they were introduced as Mr and Mrs.


With a storm on the way it was decided to get straight into some family shots and then head down lighthouse beach in the T model Ford.




All through the ceremony and the photo shoot Brian and Sara couldn’t keep their eyes off one another. Love was on steroids. The intense chemistry shines through in the images and even the sky was becoming more emotional by the minute.


The weather held off long enough to grab some stunning shots and return the bride and groom to their friends and family for more celebrations.


Just think, a few champagnes and lots of laughs powered this shoot from go to whoa!


Cheers to a beautiful couple, ching, ching!