It’s such a buzz producing stunning images that tell a story.

Whether it’s the emotions, the joy, the love or the little things that deserve preservation.

The Byron region is so popular. It is just so amazingly beautiful and photogenic.

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Byron Bay Family Portraits

It is just so satisfying covering a portrait shoot.

Not so fast paced as a wedding but intense nonetheless.

Portraits allow me to create images that move people.

There is so much scope to produce something that is better than expected.

A Diploma of Professional Photography was the lever to start producing Byron Bay Family Portraits.

I started too cheap but didn’t care so long as I was getting amongst it.

I look back now and realise that I have had so much pleasure from a truly enjoyable journey.

The best bit is that there is plenty more to come!

Your Wish My Mission

I love it when subjects say that they felt so at ease and hardly noticed I was there. To get those candid shots the photographer has to make himself scarce. Nothing natural if the subject is uncomfortable.

To make sure I get the best result, I focus on finding out what people have in mind. I want to achieve their dream, not mine. Every picture choice is personal so I can’t tell anyone else what they should like. There is a good reason why I provide so many images.

Couples then have choices.

Your story  is your treasure trove. As a Byron Bay family portraits photographer I provide two versions of each image according to your choice (e.g. raw colour, black & white, sepia, etc.)

Fabulous Locations

Then there is the canvas.

We are so lucky with so many stunning venues around Byron, Broken Head, Lennox Head and Ballina. From white beaches to old farm buildings and tropical forests. All around the Northern Rivers NSW and Byron Bay, the country is rich in colour and form.

And did I mention the Byron Hinterland?
So often there is a new venue or a lane way that is waiting to be discovered. There are the quaint villages of Bangalow, Federal, Eureka, The Channon, Newrybar, Binna Burra, Eltham, Clunes and many more within a stone’s throw.

For a Byron Bay family portraits this is just magic. Every location a gem!

Shoots are F U N !

To produce the best Byron Bay family portraits, my job is to ensure you are at ease and chilled.

The shoot has to be enjoyable. Make it an occasion to take time out and take pleasure in everything that is going on around you.

We are about recording digitally for old time sake or for a special gift.

The stars of the show have to be real people being themselves (and having a fun time).

Whether it’s a family or just the two of you, we will capture this day of your life in it’s realism.

A day you will remember.

And of course you can then relive each moment with family and friends when the album comes out.


The saying ‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ comes to mind. If I show two people some photos and asked them to rate the shots, they will rarely agree.

Some like arty effects. Some like formality. Some like dark moody images. Some love the pastel cottage look. Then there are the photographic tricks we use such as utilising extreme depths of field. We can increase aperture to reduce focus to a short range. We can slow down shutter speed to see movement. We can time lapse. We can distort with wide angle or telephoto lenses.

There are so many filters and photographic gizmos that I can’t recall why I bought some of that gear.

On top of that, a digital image can be modified using Photoshop to something totally different.

Again, personal taste comes into play.

It is OK to be fussy. I say it should be more than OK when you are paying someone to produce a quality set of Byron Bay family portraits. It should be law. Your photos must be just what you had in mind or better. After all, these photos are for enjoyment.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else likes. They can have their say when they get their portraits.

The great advantage for Byron Bay family portraits photographers is that they have so many magic locations.

Beaches, headlands, rivers, waterfalls, streams, mountains, rain forest, gardens and plantations. So many great streets around Ballina, Byron Bay, Ewingsdale, Bangalow, Lennox Head – the list goes on. No wonder Byron Bay is so popular!

Make sure your Byron Bay Family Portraits Photographer: –

IS VERY ENTHUSIASTIC about creating images that are the real you

IS SCARCE while quietly capturing those special moments

IS A FULLY qualified professional photographer

IS A LOCAL so knows all the best locations

CAN GUARANTEE early delivery of your portraits package

WILL COMMIT to deliver images to your taste – call and I will explain how I achieve this

IS EXPERIENCED with over 300 shoots

CAN SAY that there has never been an unhappy Client

IS HAPPY to deliver a portraits package to your budget

HAS AN enviable network of wedding contacts and local knowledge

ARRIVES early and leaves LATE

IS NOT PRECIOUS and allows other people to snap away

GIVES you the original images